About Us

The North Shore Board of Education established Rockhaven School for Exceptional Children for pupils with developmental disabilities.  At present there are 11 pupils enrolled. 
The concept of educating the exceptional student originated with the parents in Elliot Lake in 1963.  Under the auspices of Mr. Wilkinson, then Director of Education, six pupils moved into two rooms at Westhill Public School.  In 1965 Percy Brown, a town official, secured another location at the Lutheran Church where they remained until 1969 when the North Shore Board of Education took on the responsibility of education for these students.  Over the years, Rockhaven has adapted and expanded in order to meet the needs of a changing population. 
Rockhaven, is first and foremost an educational institution.  Emphasis is placed on a core program that is  functional academic in nature.  It is essential that all of our students have an opportunity to grow and develop physically, emotionally and intellectually.  Developing skills for independence and adaptation to new environments are important elements of the programs provided.
Rockhaven's caring staff work diligently in supporting our students to integrate and live satisfying and productive lives in their communities.


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